Project Description:

Respectful of its neighbors, a new building carefully injects modern sensibilities into an historic industrial district.

The design of a 13-story multiple dwelling, plus the restoration and residential conversion of an adjoining 19th-century brick warehouse in Manhattan's historic Tribeca neighborhood.

Tsao & McKown felt compelled to respond squarely to the needs of a community besieged by an onslaught of new, outsized residential developments whose architecture conveyed an overpowering, alien domination. Tsao & McKown believed then, and still does, that the appropriate response was to complement the historic architectural context with an in-fill building whose vocabulary would harmonize with and honor the existing buildings, while being ever mindful not to mimic.

Seeking to connect with timeless and universal ideals of solidity and beauty, Tsao & McKown looked back at once "modern" references in similar vocabularies (such as those employed by Berlage, Behrens, Sullivan, Bernham and Root, Kahn, and others), as well as older masonry precedents (such as the Elizabethan-era architects' mastery of delicate figure-ground compositions - for example, Hardwick Hall). Contextual materials, such as wood frame windows and cast-stone details, were imbued with a contemporary sensibility.

Project Details:

Client:    Boymelgreen Developers

Sq. Ft.:   200,000

Year:      2005

Related Projects:  Soho Loft, William Beaver House