November 2016

November 2016

The Integral Conversation Conference discusses the legacy of I.M. Pei in China

The Integral Conversation provides an independent platform for experts from diverse fields to bring together their insights and perspectives on a range of topics related to sustainability.

Calvin Tsao joined Li Chung Pei (Partner at Pei Partnership Architects as well as son of I.M. Pei), Jianfei Zhu (Associate Professor of Architecture, Building, and Planning at the University of Melbourne), and Clifford Pearson (Director of the American Academy of China) to discuss I.M. Pei’s impact on a young generation of Chinese-born architects dedicated to sustainable urban design.

“Renowned architects and urban planners will discuss how architecture, through I.M. Pei’s works, transcends cultural and time boundaries and helps integrate human beings into nature in a harmonious way. We will also explore new concepts of living which emphasize the formation of self-sustaining, culturally-rich and human-centered communities.”

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