March 2019

March 2019

New Practices in Hong Kong Architecture

Calvin Tsao spoke at the Center for Architecture at a symposium that was held in conjunction with the Center’s exhibition, Paul Rudolph: The Hong Kong Journey. Convened by Barry Bergdoll and Seng Kuan, the symposium focused on the innovative design and architectural solutions implemented in present-day Hong Kong.

From the Center’s website: “The reordering of the globalized world and the emergence of a new generation of young talent in Hong Kong have contributed to a surge of creative energy in the region. On a local level, Hong Kong has seen a rise in public interest in architecture, land use, urban development, preservation, and ecology. Designers, architects, and planners are responding to Hong Kong’s new social and cultural contexts, which are vastly different from the conditions Rudolph faced over 30 years ago. The program will facilitate international dialogue between architects in Hong Kong and New York City, allowing both sides to be exposed to ideas and issues that may influence the way they design cities in the future. “

Calvin joined fellow speakers Mark Lee, Jing Liu, Esther Lorenz, James von Klemperer, David Erdman, Angela Pang, Billie Tsien, Tod Williams, Laurent Gutierrez, Doreen Heng Liu, Dorothy Tang, Sasia Sassen, and Joanne Chu.

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