Budapest Bay Öböi XI Development

Budapest Bay
Öböi XI Development

Budapest, Hungary

Urban master plan for an 80-acre mixed-use development on the Budapest side of the Danube.

The site is located in the Eleventh District at the intersection of Budapest’s second ring road and the Danube River, directly across from premier national arts and cultural institutions. One of the site’s defining elements is an historic gas power plant that lies immediately adjacent; this extraordinary structure dates to 1913 and is now protected under industrial landmark status. Another key feature is the large, protected Lagymanos Bay, offers a unique opportunity for waterfront recreation in Budapest. Parkland surrounds the bay, extending through the site.

A broad range of programming is designed to activate the site 24 hours a day, year-round. At the edge of the bay, a reflecting pool serves as the central plaza for several office towers. Branching from the plaza and nestled within office and cultural buildings is an elevated piazza supporting pedestrian-oriented retail, a “town center” for the development. A hotel with a condominium component occupies the sheltered area near the Danube. Residential buildings in a variety of design typologies take advantage of exceptional views of the park and the bay. Filtering the edge of the site, which borders a busy commuter road, a series of buildings are designed to accommodate destination retail as well as live/work space.

CLIENT: Arago Property Vendor and Consultant
SCOPE: Master Planning