Flip Flop +

Flip Flop +


The 14+ Foundation held a global competition to design furniture for the Chipakata Children’s Academy near Lusaka, Zambia.

The foundation asked designers to propose affordable, adaptable, and locally-sourced furniture for the site’s many functions: school, community center, soccer field, and farm.

Our design, “Flip Flop +,” offers two simple pieces: one big, one small. With hard sides for writing, soft sides for sitting, and open sides to put legs under, the furniture rotates, stacks, and combines to accommodate all activities and ages: from community meetings, farmer’s markets, and after school class to recess, lunch, theater, and quiet study.

We take great care to consider the economic and social impact of Flip Flop +’s fabrication and use. For example, the design uses traditional carpentry and basket weaving so that local craftspeople are employed and receive an income. Students even are invited to participate in the fabrication and weaving as part of their art-based curriculum.

Flip Flop + was a Top 3 Finalist in the competition. For more on the 14+ Foundation’s incredible work, please visit here.

Client: 14+ Foundation