‘OPEN’ Exhibition

‘OPEN’ Exhibition

Syracuse, NY

An exhibition by Tsao & McKown at Syracuse University School of Architecture in the Spring semester of 2012.

OPEN was a dyptical exhibition in which the gallery space is devoted to use by the students, and the materials are primarily viewed on a website created for the exhibition: sevenprojects.net

For the exhibition Tsao & McKown Architects explored the myriad layers of contexts, collaborations, and other considered complexities inherent in their approaches to eight projects ranging in scale from an urban plan in Chengdu, China to the design of a lipstick case for the Japanese cosmetics master Shu Uemura.

To best depict these complex webs of information and their unlimited extensions the primary mode of presentation was via a website created for this exhibition. The Slocum Gallery will be converted into a simple lounge/retreat where visitors can engage the site, view additional materials in the space, or simply relax between classes.

CLIENT: Syracuse University School of Architecture