The Passage Collection

The Passage Collection

New York, NY

Designed for Wolf Gordon, the Passage Collection is a series of wallcoverings inspired by the effects of weathering and the passage of time. The collection reflects on Cartesian notions of natural and fabricated beauty, and nature’s delighted indifference to these constructs. The source images for these patterns are collages of inspirational images from nature and signature images of our office’s work, such as details of stairs, shelves, and public spaces.

We elaborate on three of the ten wallcoverings here:

Element introduces a simple grid set within the ebb and flow of liquid patinas.

Flower explores phenomena of visual depth, folding and refolding a single curvilinear construct to suggest a screen of blossoms opening to the sun.

Birch allows for multiple readings of nature and its evolution. In some colorways, the pattern suggests a forest setting rich with lichens and moss; in others, minerals and metals overlap and merge.

Client: Wolf Gordon
Scope: Product Design and Development