Virgin Atlantic Airways Lounge

Virgin Atlantic Airways Lounge

New York, NY

In the Virgin Airlines lounge at JFK airport, we embrace the richness of experiences that defines an airport lounge: dining, snacking, working, drinking, reading, talking, watching. The design accommodates this mixed program and uses a wide-ranging but integrated array of palettes and furniture to guide different activities.

The dining table, for example, is long communal surface that sits on tracks built into the floor that allow the table to break apart into more intimate segments. Patrons are given license to separate or converge. The various chairs suit not only different ergonomic needs but also different personalities. Our aspiration was to reach beyond the basic program of waiting rooms and foster the interactions and aesthetics of a society that has embraced diversity.

Furniture designed by Tsao & McKown for this space was selected by Interior Design Magazine for its Future Furniture Award Exhibition and was awarded “Honorable Mention” by I.D. Magazine 2001.

CLIENT: Virgin Atlantic